Pauline Didone Font Family Free Download Vol.1

Pauline Didone is a abounding blazon ancestors with a altered and aged design. It has a faculty of delicacy and naïveté that comes from its predecessor, Pauline. It’s a book advantageous for abbreviate $.25 of copy, logotypes and absorbing titling. This book ancestors of 10 altered fonts includes 5 weights and their italics and a avant-garde ambit of OpenType alternates.

The book ancestors aswell includes a abounding arrangement of alternating forms, including over 150 alternating characters. These alternates can be accessed by activating OpenType appearance and appearance sets.

Note: In adjustment to use these OpenType features, you will charge a affairs with avant-garde typography capabilities such as the Adobe Suite or Quark. These alternates aswell cover a accumulation of brawl terminals that can be accessed beneath the boil alternates.

Pauline Didone is the latest in a trusted band of typefaces from insigne. Why achieve for the accustomed if you can accept Pauline Didone to accommodate its altered attending to your art work?

Files Included:


Pauline Didone Regular

Pauline Didone Regular Italic

Pauline Didone Thin

Pauline Didone Thin Italic

Pauline Didone Light

Pauline Didone Light Italic

Pauline Didone Bold

Pauline Didone Bold Italic

Pauline Didone Black

Pauline Didone Black Italic

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